The 2020 Premier Dealer Cruise will mark the 12th Annual installment of our signature event. This year’s Dealer Cruise will take place February 10-15, 2020 at the Dreams Playa Bonita in Playa Bonita, Panama.

Located near the Panama Canal in the Pacific Ocean is Panama’s famous Playa Bonita, meaning “beautiful beach.”  Dreams Playa Bonita offers the perfect location where you can experience beaches, rainforests, mountains, and city! It’s the perfect mix of proximity to a major city with magnificent ocean and jungle views.

Enjoy fine dining at one of four á la carte restaurants, a buffet, a grill, and a café. Sip top-shelf cocktails at the music lounge, soak up the sun by the pool or on the famous Playa Bonita beach, or simply relax on your ocean-view balcony. This all-inclusive slice of paradise awaits you. Dreams Playa Bonita Panama is a family-friendly destination. This year, we invite our guests to bring their whole family along for the trip!

And there’s plenty to do off-site, too. Enjoy a complimentary shuttle to Panama City, enjoy a boat ride through the Panama Canal, or book one of many other ocean- or jungle-based excursions!

The options are endless, you just have to qualify!


The Premier Dealer Cruise is the must-attend event on the aftermarket retailer’s calendar. Our program combines the best of both business and pleasure. Nowhere else can you get the same high level of training, networking, and sales opportunities – all packed into one week of luxury and fun at a tropical destination.

  • Product Training: Hands-on training sessions with 25+ leading diesel, off-road, and accessories product lines.
  • Networking: Mix and mingle with industry leaders: other top shop owners, sponsoring suppliers, and Premier staff.
  • Exclusive Sales: Dealers who qualify for the Cruise will have access to exclusive sales, unavailable anywhere else.
  • Unlimited Luxury: Flights, accommodations, food & drink – all expenses are paid. Enjoy all the sun,
    sand, and surf that you can handle.


Cruise Points are the determining factor in who gets invited to join us in Panama. Throughout the year, all of your purchases will be converted into Cruise Points according to this system:

All Purchases: $1 = 1 Point
No matter what you buy or when, you’ll get a point for every dollar spent.

Year-over-Year Monthly Growth: $1 = 2 Points
When your purchases for a month in 2019 grow past your purchases for the same month in 2018, you’ll get a bonus point for each dollar spent.

Year-over-Year Monthly Decline: -$1 = -1 Point
If your purchases for a month in 2019 are less than your purchases for the same month in 2018, you’ll lose a point for each dollar of decline.

Special Monthly Bonus Opportunities
Throughout the qualifying period, we’ll have special buying opportunities to take advantage of bonus Cruise Points! Make sure to check your emails and our social media pages often.

Qualifying Period
The qualifying window is December 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019.  In order to qualify, your account with Premier must be in good standing at the end of the qualifying window. Customers whose overall purchases decline compared to the previous year may be disqualified. Final invitations will be distributed at Premier’s discretion.

Why The Dealer Cruise

Hands-on product training from 25+ sponsoring manufacturers

Networking opportunities with other top shop owners, manufacturers, and Premier staff

Unique sales opportunities available only to Cruise qualifiers.

Unlimited luxury - enjoy an all-expenses paid trip for two to a tropical paradise