Titan Trail Trekker Review

Titan Trail Trekker Review

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Getting more out of your off-road machine is a really popular topic these days. It’s something all our Jeep guys talk and think about. Often that conversation revolves around how much horsepower or ft-lbs of torque your rig can muster up. However, fuel is one thing that is essential on the trail. Without fuel, it doesn’t matter how many hp’s your pushing. Trev, one of our regional managers and all-round Jeep guy, teamed up with Titan Fuel Tanks. Trev had the opportunity to test out Titan’s Trail Trekker transfer tank for his Jeep JK. This 12 gallon tank sneaks in right behind the spare tire almost out of sight. The Trail Trekker has the potential to extend a trail ready Jeep Jk’s range by 150+ miles. Here are some of Trev’s thoughts on the utility of the Titan Trail Trekker.

“Inspecting it after the install it looks like they had to drill a couple holes so it would work with the Crawler Conceptz bumper and tire carrier I have.  It looks to be a pretty simple install I think even a novice mechanic could install it no problem. Overall, I’m pleased with the tank and its functionality. Even with a 37” spare tire it fits well.  I thought it would be more bulky and look out of place, but, you can hardly see it behind my spare tire. I’m able to get some additional range with the additional 12 gallons I now have.  The tank has been grounded and comes with a suction tube  to  transfer fuel direct from tank to factory tank.  High quality, useful product.

One of the biggest benefits I’ve found, is being able to go on the trail and not have to worry about running out of gas. In Idaho towns can be pretty far apart and gas stations usually are only near towns. I used to worry about making it to a gas station when on a road trip or after a day of wheeling, now I don’t have to worry about that at all. The Trail Trekker has taken an otherwise useless space on my Jeep and given me more range to go and play around, whether on the road or the trail.”


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