The 2024 Dealer Incentive Trip will be our 15th annual event for our wholesale customers. While the name changed a bit our trip is still the TOP incentive event in the industry. This year is a continuation of our need to make things better for our dealers! In January 2023 we added some incredible MFG’s deals and giveaways. This year we are taking our top qualifying dealers to Secrets, Los Cabos, Mexico! Talk to your account rep about seeing up a plan to get in on this incredible incentive trip. 


Our incentive trip is the original automotive aftermarket dealer incentive trip and the must-attend event on the automotive aftermarket calendar. We bring our TOP-performing customers and the BEST manufacturers in the industry to an all-inclusive tropical destination! Our program combines the best of both business and pleasure. Our Dealer incentive Trip is the culmination of a year’s hard work and a reward for your loyalty to APG Wholesale businesses (Premier, Truck Tech, Northridge4x4 WD) and our sponsoring vendor partners. For all attendees, this is the BEST networking opportunity of the year.

  • Product Training: Hands-on training sessions with 25+ leading diesel, off-road, and accessory product lines.
  • Networking: Mix and mingle with industry leaders: other top shop owners, sponsoring manufacturers, and APG Wholesale staff.
  • Exclusive Sales: This is a BUYING show!! Dealers who qualify for the trip will have access to exclusive sales unavailable anywhere else!
  • Unlimited Luxury: Flights, accommodations, food & drink – all expenses are paid. Enjoy all the sun, sand, and surf that you can handle.



We’re making it easier than ever to qualify to be in the running for the 2023 Premier Performance Land Cruise, all dealers are eligible based upon their points earned through purchases of Sponsoring Vendor’s products, overall purchases from Premier Performance, and growth bonus points and account standing/status.

Dealers will start accumulating Cruise Points based on purchases beginning December 1, 2021 and ending October 31, 2022. Cruise Points along with a good account standing are the determining factors in who will be invited to join us. Throughout the qualifying period, all of the dealer purchases will be converted into Cruise Points based on this system:

All Purchases: $1 = 1 Point
No matter what you buy or when you’ll get a point for every dollar spent.

All Sponsor Vendor Purchases: $1 = 2 Points
You’ll get 2 points for every dollar spent with our sponsoring vendors.

Year-over-Year Growth: $1 = 2 Points
When your purchases in 2022 grow past your purchases in 2021, you’ll get a bonus point for each dollar spent.

Special Sponsor Opportunities
Throughout the qualifying period, we’ll have special buying opportunities to take advantage of bonus Cruise Points! Make sure to check your emails and our social media pages often.

Qualifying Period
The qualifying window is December 1, 2021 – October 2022
In order to qualify, your account with Premier must be in good standing at the end of the qualifying window. Customers whose overall purchases decline compared to the previous year may be disqualified. Final invitations will be distributed at Premier’s discretion.

Why The Dealer Trip:

Hands-on product training from 25+ sponsoring manufacturers

Networking opportunities with other top shop owners, manufacturers, and APG Wholesale staff

Unlimited luxury - Enjoy an all-expenses paid trip for two to a tropical paradise