Fuelab Marketing Tip – Fuel Pressure Gauges

Fuelab Marketing Tip – Fuel Pressure Gauges

When selling a Fuelab fuel pressure regulator, it is recommended that the customer also purchase a Fuelab fuel pressure gauge that is direct mounted to the regulator, or to the fuel rail using the standard 1/8-27 NPT gauge port.

In this capacity the fuel pressure gauge is used for reference. It provides the user with immediate indication of whether there is fuel pressure, and if it is within the intended pressure range. This is especially useful for quick reference when performing fuel system diagnostics.

It should be noted that under hood heat can affect the accuracy of liquid-filled gauges. The gauge housing is sealed to hold in the liquid. Temperature changes causes expansion of the liquid fill and can create pressure build-up in the gauge case, which causes an error in the gauge reading. For this reason Fuelab offers non-liquid filled fuel pressure gauges.

As previously discussed, permanent direct mount fuel pressure gauges are intended to be a reference tool. When tuning a vehicle it is best to verify fuel pressure with a high quality external fuel pressure gauge. This type of gauge is temporarily connected, is more precise than permanent mount gauges, and can also be used to cross check the permanent fuel pressure gauge for accuracy.

For an overview of Fuelab Fuel Pressure Gauges go to http://fuelab.com/accessories/ or contact your Premier Performance sales rep.

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