FUSELED POD’s: Handy Mobile Jump Starters And So Much More

FUSELED POD’s: Handy Mobile Jump Starters And So Much More

The FUSELED POD chargers have been a hit with Premier’s dealer base ever since we brought them on.  POD’s make an excellent adventure companion, travel mate, or gift.  This past Christmas I gave my Dad and my Grandpa a POD-X1.  They are masters of leaving the dome light on and routinely need a jump start.  In the four months since my father opened his on Christmas day, I believe he’s used it at least a half dozen times.  You never know when your battery is going to leave you stranded and you can’t always rely someone close by to have a set of jumper cables… if there even is someone close by.

FUSELED POD X1The nice thing about the POD’s is that they can do a whole lot more than just jump your dead battery.  Depending on the model, they can charge everything from your cell phone to lap top.  Perfect for those long trips that inevitably leave your phone dead before the end of the day or with a useless laptop when passengers need entertainment.  POD chargers range from the X1 to the X5.  The X1 being the companion of chose if you have a typical 4-cyl car.  The X1 will jump typical 4 banger up to 4 times before needing a recharge.  If you’ve got a big motor that needs cranking, such as a diesel, the X5 would be the POD of choice.

There are also a number of handy accessories available that compliment the POD’s mobile charging features.  Road flares and mobile flood lights are also available from FUSELED and are as equally mobile.  From roadside to work site to simply a wise addition to your 72 hour kit, the POD charger is an easy sell on so many levels.  Be sure to check our monthly specials for opportunities to stock up on the POD chargers.


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