JMS PedalMax Improves Throttle Response and Driving Pleasure

JMS PedalMax Improves Throttle Response and Driving Pleasure

JMS PedalMax

In today’s automobiles the driving dynamics have changed.  What once connected the driver to the car through a series of cables, rods, and wires is now nothing more than a series of sensors.  You, as the driver, are just giving the car inputs and then the car responds as programmed.  Did you know that automobile manufacturers actually survey drivers on how stiff a throttle pedal should feel?  The resistance you get from a late model pedal is nothing more than a spring, designed to simulate the chain of command from pedal to throttle plate.  It’s all fly by wire now.

What happens when the factory programming for throttle response is too slow or unsatisfactory?  That’s where the likes of JMS and their new PedalMax come into play.  Turbo charged cars are known to have turbo lag but even naturally aspirated cars can have a similar sensation if the throttle response is poorly programmed.  The PedalMax is the perfect solution for poor throttle response.  Available for today’s late model Ford, GM, and Dodge applications, the PedalMax utilizes a plug and play design that’s easy to install.  Use of the optional control knob allows the driver to control the amount of pedal enhancement on the fly

JSM Chip & PerformanceHere at Premier Performance we have several vehicles with the JMS PedalMax installed.  Kirk Abegglen, Regional Sales Manager, said this about the PedalMax on his Camaro SS: “Out of all the products I have installed on my Camaro, the JMS PedalMax made the largest improvement.  My car just feels faster.  I purchased the car thinking it would be fun to do burn outs once in awhile but with all the traction/stability control on the car, it would not burn out!  As soon as I put the PedalMax on, burnouts were a reality.  My Camaro burns the tires!!!  I love it!”  Our Purchasing Director Brandon Jackson also installed a unit on his Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.  “I’ve installed the PedalMax, removed it, and installed it again and the difference is substantial” Brandon says.  Sales representative Jesse Law also has a PedalMax on his 2015 Ford F-350.  “It works great, and I really like the adjust-ability of it.”

Installing the PedalMax is also a cinch.  It’s literally a plug and play device with quality OEM grade connectors and installs in about 10 minutes.  It also won’t void your customers factory OEM warranty.  From a sales perspective, the PedalMax is one of the easiest performance upgrades you could offer to your customer.  It’s an affordable, easy install that the customer will feel in the seat of their pants and come back looking for the next upgrade.  On that note, the PedalMax is also stackable with any pre-programmed tuner and is compatible with custom tuning.

For more information about the PedalMax and other JMS products, contact your Premier Performance Sales Representative.



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