MBRP Platinum Program

Win a Trip to Las Vegas!

Premier is offering the next rewards program in our series of Platinum Travel Rewards Programs in partnership with MBRP! The qualifying period for this program will run from July 1 to August 31, and there will be three winners based on MBRP purchases: Top Overall Buyer, Top Brick & Mortar Buyer, and Top Buyer of Gas Truck Parts.

Winning customers will receive a FREE trip to Las Vegas for the GT World Challenge America Grand Finale! The trip takes place October 17 – October 20 and includes flights to Las Vegas, a plus one guest for each customer, a Zero1 Desert RZR tour, and other accommodations. Not to mention one-on-one time with the MBRP team, some of the best in the aftermarket industry!

Customers, start your engines and buckle up – you won’t want to miss out on this trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World!


Flights & Accomodations

GT World Challenge America Grand Finale

Zero1 Desert RZR Tour