Royal Purple Coolant Additives: Royal Flush & Purple Ice

Royal Purple Coolant Additives: Royal Flush & Purple Ice

Royal Purple has been around for a long time and has established itself as one of the worlds Premier (no pun intended) lubricants for whatever you drive.  From diesel trucks to air cooled motorcycles, there is a Royal Purple oil to maximize performance and longevity.  What most people don’t realize is that they also have industry leading products in the fuel and coolant additive segments as well.

I’ve been using Purple Ice, Royal Purples water wetter for coolant systems, for years.  More recently, they added Royal Flush, to help clean and restore cooling system efficiency.  A couple of years ago I gave a sample of Purple Ice to a guy that was racing late model circle track cars.  He’d been a Royal Purple skeptic but was curious to put it to the test.  After running some hot laps on the track with what he’d been using for oil in the past, he took some readings with a pyrometer.  After the first session he changed his fluids to Royal Purple and hit the track again.  On average, his water temperature was over 10 degrees cooler by just running Royal Purple synthetic oil.  That was without also running Purple Ice in his cooling system.  Purple Ice not only helps inhibit corrosion in the system but also reduces the surface tension, which allows more heat to transfer outside of the radiator.  This helps reduce hot spots and can reduce the overall system temperature by more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit!

Heat and friction are the ultimate enemies from engines to differentials.  There are a lot of lubrication and cooling additives on the market today but Royal Purple’s strength is reduced operating temperatures and reduced frictions.  It’s a win win.

Royal Purple Water Wetter

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