Running With the Pack – E-Commerce Account Manager Heath Stewart

Running With the Pack – E-Commerce Account Manager Heath Stewart


Heath Stewart has been an important part of the Premier team for over three years.  He first started out in the returns department, before moving on to be the B&M Account Manager for the Southeast and West coast. He now serves as one of our E-Commerce Account Managers.


Heath is a lifelong enthusiast of all things automotive.  He loves anything with an engine, from snowmobiles to trucks! His past work experience and knowledge of the auto industry gives him the ability to know the parts and what they do, not just the part numbers. And thanks to Premier’s test vehicle program, Heath is able to use the parts Premier carries and distributes on his own truck, giving him the ability to offer educated feedback to our customers based on first-hand experience.

Leading the Pack

One of his favorite parts about working at Premier is the opportunity he has to work with people all across the United States, from all different backgrounds. He is able to see how people run their businesses differently and how he can help. For Heath, it’s always about the customer and how he can take care of their automotive needs.

Heath loves being a part of the Premier team, especially with a team that is goal oriented and focused on unity and teamwork.

“We all have the same goals in sight, and knowing that takes a lot of guessing work out of the job. It’s simple: always take care of the customer, even if it’s not my customer.  It doesn’t matter.”

The Build

Heath is currently driving a 2017 Dodge Ram 2500. It’s equipped with a variety of aftermarket upgrades, including both accessories and performance parts. With additional upgrades planned, his build currently has the following items:

  • Ready Lift – 4.5” SST Lift Kit
  • T-Rex Grilles – Light Bar
  • Husky Liners – Floor Mats
  • EZ LYNK – Auto Agent
  • Undercover – Swing Case
  • Truxedo – Deuce Bed Cover
  • AMP – Running Boards, BedStep
  • MBRP – Dual Exhaust


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