Running With the Pack – Tech Sales Rep Blake Shirley

Running With the Pack – Tech Sales Rep Blake Shirley

Dedication and Performance

Known for his expert truck knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction, Blake Shirley is a valued member of the technical sales team at Premier Performance. Blake’s excellent work ethic and dedication to our customers has added an abundance of value to Premier and the truck industry as a whole, living up to our motto of Beyond Distributing, Contributing.

One of the things I have always admired about Premier is our ability to take care of the customer.

Part of the Pack

Since joining Premier in 2014, Blake has been helping customers with a variety of truck questions as a Tech Sales Rep. This has allowed him to not only help our customers with their builds, but also create and maintain key customer relationships.  In addition to helping our customers, Blake continues to sharpen his knowledge and skills by upgrading and modifying his own truck. Having these skills has had a positive impact overall for both Premier and our customers.

I work hard to guide our customers through the parts they need, I like working with the tech team to know how to best help their needs”

Hunting With the Pack

Working together with the Tech Team, Blake keeps learning and figuring out the best solutions to our customers’ needs. As a team, Tech Sales Reps receive regular training sessions from our manufacturers.  Training subjects include new product releases, product performance, and much more. This dedication to continuous improvement increases both product knowledge and our ability to best serve our customers. Furthermore, Tech Sales Reps get to take advantage of our unique Test Vehicle Program, utilizing their trucks to test out new product releases and get hands-on experience. Our Tech Sales Reps help each other with their builds, creating a shared knowledge base that everyone at Premier, and our customers, can benefit from. Together as a team, Tech Sales Reps work with each other to achieve the best results.

I’m glad to be in the Tech Sales Team and staying relevant in the industry… I like working with the tech team and getting to help our customers”

The Build

Blake is currently driving a 2015 RAM 2500 6.7L. It’s outfitted with an array of aftermarket upgrades including both performance parts and accessories. His build currently includes the following items, with additional upgrades planned!

Below: Feece‘s Dodge Powerflo In-tank Lift Pump Assembly on Blake’s 2015 RAM 2500

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