2015 Dodge Challenger Corsa Sport Exhaust

2015 Dodge Challenger Corsa Sport Exhaust

Corsa on lift

Regional sales rep Tyson Harris picked up a 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Plus last fall and it’s been stock for far too long.  We’ve recently made that change by having the new Corsa sport exhaust installed on car.  First impressions of the stock Dodge Challenger exhaust is that it actually sounds pretty decent, right off the showroom floor.  That being said, there is always room for improvement.  Corsa exhausts are known to have some the best sounding pipes out there and the sport kit you see here is no exception.  On most applications you can get a Corsa exhaust in three sound levels; touring, sport, and extreme.  We’ve yet to try a touring version of the line but this sport exhaust, as you can hear in the video below, is actually a bit more quiet than the stock Challenger exhaust.  We’d say it has a more muscular tone but the volume level is certainly less.  The biggest difference between the extreme and sport tone quality is the edginess of the exhaust note.

Corsa Sport Exhaust

2015 Dodge Challenger Corsa Sport exhaust out of the box.

We had one of our dealers, Straightedge Auto Restoration,install this kit on Tyson’s R/T and we found the quality didn’t leave us wanting.As you can see from the pictures, the kit comes complete with everything you need and does not require any cutting.  Once installed on the car, the tailpipes fit nicely in the factory housings and have just the right amount of presence to show that you’re not running the stock exhaust.  Check out the video below where we compare the stock exhaust to the Corsa sport.  Corsa Performance products are in stock and ready to ship in several Premier warehouse locations and our technical sales team is prepared to answer your questions regarding the product.

Corsa Performance  started building exhausts in 1998 and has invested countless resources perfecting the science of sound.  We’re happy with the experience that we’ve had with Corsa producst and are confident that you can have the same feeling when selling these products to your customers.

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