WeatherTech MAP Vs MAPP

WeatherTech MAP Vs MAPP

It has come to our attention that there has been a lot of confusion in relation to WeatherTech’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.  Quite a few of you have reached out with concerns that there are a lot of your competitors selling WeatherTech below what we have advertised as the MAP.  In response to your questions,  we’ve done a little homework and have figured out the source of confusion.  We’ve outlined the issues and means to address it below, but we encourage you to review the full details of WeatherTech’s MAP policy directly by clicking here.

Why Am I Seeing WeatherTech Being Advertised Below MAP?

The answer to this question is that WeatherTech actually has two MAP policies: one for WeatherTech products sold inclusive of shipping, and one for products sold where shipping charges are charged separately or not applicable (retail over the counter).

-The first is your typical Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) which is defined as “the price that is charged for product to a retail buyer by a reseller and is inclusive of a flat shipping fee.”  In other words, if you do not charge shipping on the product, then this is the price you must use.

The second policy is known as the Minimum Advertised Pick-Up Price (MAPP).  This one is defined as “the price that is charged for product to the retail buyer in the reseller’s stores and where charging for shipping is not applicable.”  This also covers cases where the shipping charge is calculated separately in the shopping cart.

What Does This Mean To Me?

In a nutshell, MAPP is the lowest advertised product price when the item is being picked up and shipping is not applicable or shipping is added separately in the check out,  and MAP is the lowest sale price where there is no separate shipping charge.  If the item is being offered online, the in-cart total should be at MAP in order to be in accordance with WeatherTech’s outlined MAP policy.  So, if you see competitors advertising a lower price than you when you’re adhering to MAP, it’s because they are going off of MAPP and there may be an applicable shipping/handling fee listed in the cart.

Below is a sample table, reflecting the difference between MAP, MAPP, and the minimum advertised shipping fee that would need to be tacked onto MAPP.  Again, you can find the full details of these policies by reviewing WeatherTech’s reseller agreement.  If you still have questions regarding these details, please reach out to your regional sales representative and they’ll be able to clear up any additional that you may have.

The WeatherTech authorized dealer form can also be found here.

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