Injen Evolution Intake: 2013-2015 Cummins Install

Injen Evolution Intake: 2013-2015 Cummins Install

On today’s modern engines, bolt on power has become a lot more complicated than it used to be.  Many products might still be pretty straight forward from the installers point of view but the R&D that goes into the engineering and production of that “bolt-on”part has come a long way.  Air induction systems and cold air intakes are a perfect example of this theory.  I installed the Injen Evolution intake on my 2014 Ram 2500 with 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel (Part # EVO8003) this week and the installation was straight forward enough.  No cutting or hacking was involved, and at first glance it looks like the stock air box, it mounts up just as the factory unit.

Injen Filter Minder

Like all new vehicles on the road, the 13-15 Cummins is equipped with a series of sensors.  Mass airflow, throttle and pedal position sensors, and various other diagnostic and input/output sensors that work together to keep the computer happy.  In particular the new Cummins is unique as it’s factory intake system has an integrated air door that opens and closes based on the position of the throttle position sensor.  Intakes of the old days that were nothing more than a high flow filter and a pipe would send off all sorts of alarms in MIL lights.  The Injen Evo intake utilizes the factory sensors, particularly, the MAF sensor and on the Cummins, the active air door as well.  Injen Evolution Induction Systems are also tuned to keep the MAF sensor within its stock parameters.  This means safe horsepower and torque gains and increases in fuel economy that won’t throw codes and check engine lights and they are C.A.R.B compliant, which means no issues at the smog check.Injen Evolution Air Intake

Installation of the EVO was simple, it adds a nice clean look to the engine bay, gives you a little more sound from the turbo, and I have noticed an immediate bump in fuel economy from the on board computer.  Injen EVO intakes are also unique in the fact that they have what they call a “filter minder”.  With a small vacuum hose that connects a gauge to the end of the filter, you’re able to see when your filter needs cleaning without having to pull it out of the air box.

Injen’s Supernano-Web dry filters are a plus as well.  Oiled filters tend to coat sensors and interfere with their functionality and ultimately lead to their premature failure.  Dry filters are safer but still provide improved airflow and performance.  The Supernano-Web filter is also made from a synthetic media which basically means more protection for your engine.

Premier Performance is now stocking the new Evo kits in multiple warehouses.  Feel free to contact your sales rep for details and 1st hand experience with the product!

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