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FUELAB Duramax Velocity Diesel Lift Pumps

FUELAB offers Velocity In-Line High Performance Lift Pumps for 2001-2010 GM Duramax 2500/3500 6.6L engines.  These pumps supply the increased fuel demands of engines modified for more power.  As a premium quality, powerful, speed controllable and reliable replacement for OE lift pumps, these brushless motors are designed for long life with low current draw.  Heat is a killer for fuel […]

Injen Evolution Intake: 2013-2015 Cummins Install

On today’s modern engines, bolt on power has become a lot more complicated than it used to be.  Many products might still be pretty straight forward from the installers point of view but the R&D that goes into the engineering and production of that “bolt-on”part has come a long way.  Air induction systems and cold air intakes are a perfect […]