Running With the Pack #4 – Technical Salesman Dirk Mortensen

Running With the Pack #4 – Technical Salesman Dirk Mortensen

Dirk & The Dodge

We are back with another edition of Running with the Pack, featuring the people who make Premier Performance the leader in aftermarket distribution for the diesel industry. This month, we are shining the spotlight on Technical Sales with Dirk Mortensen.

Dirk has been with Premier for nine years. We are proud to have him on our team and the wealth of knowledge that he brings to Premier. As a member of our Tech Sales team, Dirk helps Premier set the industry standard in product knowledge. By installing the products we sell, and testing them on their vehicles, our Sales Techs can provide unmatched service to our customers.

Dirk takes excellent care of his “baby,” and never takes his truck on a dirt road. He drives a 2006 Dodge Cummins that has been tricked out with all the diesel parts we could fit. It has a fully-built BD Diesel transmission, custom twin turbos from Big Twin Diesel, a PPE dual CP3 kit, custom Dynomite Diesel injectors, a High Tech Turbo intercooler, ARP head studs, and Hamilton Cams valve springs. The whole system is handled by custom tuning done in partnership with Smarty and puts out 970 horsepower.

With all this, Dirk’s favorite upgrade has been turbos. Dirk has had three different sets of turbos on his truck, just to see how they run. The change in performance with a turbo is nothing short of amazing. Dirk has had this truck since starting with Premier, which has given him a chance to explore the vehicle and to see what parts can make a difference. He may love his Dodge, but the 2017 and 2018 Raptors are starting to catch his eye. We shall see if we get a new member to our fleet this year.

Helping the Customer

As a Technical Salesman, the main priority that Dirk has is to get our customer the right part. That can sometimes be tricky, but it all depends on the amount of information you have.

“The more information you have about the truck, the part and what you want to do the better, the more I can help you find the right product.” – Dirk Mortensen

Now, just because the customer does not have all the information does not mean our team cannot help them. With Premier’s Test Vehicle Program, our staff works with many different vehicles which gives them the first-hand experience to help our customers.

Having the truck program has been an absolute asset when comes to working at Premier.

“I am a visual person, and when I have a chance to get my hands on something it helps me understand the product even more.” – Dirk Mortensen

Diesel Performance Training

When our Techs work with parts and can fully utilize the Test Vehicle Program, they can see how things fit and how they make a differDodge Cummins 06 Diesel Truckence. In turn, we provide that unique knowledge to our customers and help them find the best part. And while some trucks have been in our fleet for years, we are always updating vehicles to stay current with trends and trying out new products.

Technical Salespeople like Dirk also gain great experience by training on new product offerings with our manufacturers. Premier hosts vendors and their reps at our Idaho headquarters on a regular basis to ensure that our sales team is always on top of the latest and greatest aftermarket products.

With all of the new customer service initiatives at Premier, Dirk is excited to see the benefit that will come. Services like our new Merchandising Program were inspired by the excellent customer service offered by our Technical Sales team. Premier has been leading the diesel industry in part knowledge for years now. And now we are applying that same idea to all parts of our business.

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