Floor Liners

Nicolette Allen as Customer Care Manager

Premier Performance is pleased to announce Nicolette Allen as the new Customer Care Manager.  Nicolette has been a strong part of the Premier team for 11 years.  Throughout her 11 years with Premier, she was a customer service representative for 6 months, Idaho Warehouse Manager for 4 years, Customer Service Manager for 1 ½ years, Southeast Sales Representative for 4 […]

Aries Automotive 3D Floor Liner and Seat Defender

Vehicle protection products are becoming more and more popular with each passing year.  Aries Automotive has recently released a new line of floor liners to keep your carpets new and the Seat Defender to do the same for your seats.  Aries does things differently in almost everything they do.  Their 3D Floor Liners and Seat Defenders are no exception.  Notice […]