Aries Automotive 3D Floor Liner and Seat Defender

Vehicle protection products are becoming more and more popular with each passing year.  Aries Automotive has recently released a new line of floor liners to keep your carpets new and the Seat Defender to do the same for your seats.  Aries does things differently in almost everything they do.  Their 3D Floor Liners and Seat Defenders are no exception.  Notice […]

FUSELED POD’s: Handy Mobile Jump Starters And So Much More

The FUSELED POD chargers have been a hit with Premier’s dealer base ever since we brought them on.  POD’s make an excellent adventure companion, travel mate, or gift.  This past Christmas I gave my Dad and my Grandpa a POD-X1.  They are masters of leaving the dome light on and routinely need a jump start.  In the four months since […]

JMS PedalMax Improves Throttle Response and Driving Pleasure

In today’s automobiles the driving dynamics have changed.  What once connected the driver to the car through a series of cables, rods, and wires is now nothing more than a series of sensors.  You, as the driver, are just giving the car inputs and then the car responds as programmed.  Did you know that automobile manufacturers actually survey drivers on […]

Auto Meter Products, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: Sycamore, IL (March 31, 2015):  Auto Meter Products, Inc. announced today that it has acquired the Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc. business, and that it has entered into a long term strategic alliance with Brian Palmer and the DashLogic Development Team.  With this acquisition Auto Meter will add the award winning DashCommandTM app that can turn any iOS or Android […]

SuspensionMAXX MAXXStaks and MAXXLinks Install


One of the first mods that comes into a new truck owners mind is wheels and tires.  A quick trip to their favorite forum sheds light on the actual first upgrade that they’ll invest in first… a lift or leveling kit.  While not the case with the new 13.5′-15′ Ram 2500-3500, most trucks require some extra height up front to […]

S&B Intakes Now Available For the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel has been taking the country by storm.  With best in class fuel economy that approaches 30 mpg, it’s hard not to tip your hat the EcoDiesel.  I’ve always loved driving pickups but the trips to the pump have always hurt.  Not so with the EcoDiesel.

Stock EcoDiesel Air Box

That doesn’t mean us grease monkeys and gear heads […]